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To whom it may concern, I spoke with Verizon representative Garvin on June 30, 2020 regarding international charges to my phone bill. He was combative in his response, and directed me to contact the Verizon Correspondence Team. I have a letter in progress to send to the PO Box, but wanted to see

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Applying coupon codes after the purchase? - Verizon Community

12-12-2015 06:26 AM. I recently purchased 2 different phones online and due to some technical issues on my end I managed to not get the Visa50 coupon code in the coupon code box In the checkout form. I called and was told the only thing I can do is to return the phones and repurchase. I have a hard time believing that Verizon wants to accept

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How do I find the coupon code to save my voice mai

ALIMYE16, With the voice mail from CBW Productions, there isn't any special type of promotion codes; as they have specific rates for each voice mail and the format type. ShirazP_VZW. Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport. If my response answered your question please click the Correct Answer button under my response.

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Points - Coupons? - Verizon Community

Member. 07-21-2015 02:33 PM. So the points are for coupons? I can most of the items I viewed from Amazon for way cheaper. Am I missing something? Surely Verizon wouldn't give us points just to make a huge profit from what we redeem. Labels (1) Labels.

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Coupon accepted but wasn't applied - Verizon Community

Member. 10-10-2013 10:10 PM. I decided to change my device for a newer one. The total bill was going to be around $77. I looked for a verizon coupon online and I found one as a good deal 50% off and free shipping. I wrote it where it says apply coupons, and it was accepted and the bill went down to $45 something.

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Correct Answer: Upgrade Offer, denied in store

I found a Sony phone with an upgrade for .99 with a button for get this offer in store. The link sent a coupon code to my email. The store did not honor the coupon blaming the system for the failure. They then tried to get me to use edge and up my monthly plan instead of finding a way to meet the very simple offer provided.

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How do i get my discount for upgrading to fios gig

As per subject, no one seems to know about the 'discount' of $10 off wireless bill, for upgrading to gigabit connection. Anyone have any insight?

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Correct Answer: How do I connect to Wi-Fi during a flight

I had a free coupon code for onboard Wi-Fi, but couldn't figure. out how to connect to the Wi-Fi when the phone is in airplane mode. I ended up just leaving the phone off during the flight. Thanks in advance for your help! Solved! Go to Correct Answer. I have the same question. 0 Likes 1 Solution Correct Answers

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Employee discount - Verizon Community

07-08-2015 06:21 AM. You can fill out the form online to get your discount here: Verizon Employee Discount & Employment Validation - Verizon Wireless. You can also go into the store, but they will just be doing exactly what you could do online from your computer. Typically they need a work e-mail address to verify.

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Why am I still being charged full price on my prom

I bought a Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge because there was a half-off promotion. I wasn't in dire need of a phone and was waiting for a newer LG to go on sale. They never did so when I saw the Samsung deal, I went with it. I have been told every month since December, 2016 that the sale price will be reflec

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Droid Screen Protector - Verizon Community

Droid Screen Protector. 11-10-2009 05:01 PM. I'm looking for a good screen protector. I bought the ones verizon offered me for $12 but I simply couldn't get them free of bubbles.

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