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Elliott Advocacy (Elliott.org) is a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization dedicated to resolving problems between businesses and their customers.

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I wanted to use my Bed Bath & Beyond coupon. What is the

For your $29 annual membership, Beyond + offers members 20 percent off their entire purchase and “free” shipping. The membership fee is nonrefundable, according to its terms and conditions . “Membership Program benefits cannot be used in conjunction with any coupons or with any other prearranged discounts unless specifically stated

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Delta's Disney's+ coupon code help | Elliott's help forums

Ok I just got off with the Disney+ rep and apparently I do not qualify for that 14 day trial. Here is what he wrote: To qualify for the offer, you must meet the following conditions: Be a US Delta Skymiles member. If you are not a Delta Skymiles member, you are not eligible for this offer Be a new Disney+ subscriber.

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Wacky package price blamed on "anomaly" in program

Of course, I could easily book it separately to get the lower price, but I had a coupon code for $50 off a hotel and flight package, and I wanted to maximize my savings. I called Orbitz to find out why this may be. The person in sales confirmed my findings and said it was the first time he has seen a package price be higher than the sum of the

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Congratulations, you've won a free $1,000 gift card - just

Now, I’m not saying this is always a terrible trade-off, but many consumers feel as if their personal information has no value and then they wonder why their inbox is filled with spam or why they’re getting all kinds of unsolicited phone calls at dinnertime. Well, maybe it’s because that “free” service monetized your personal data.

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Elliott Advocacy - Here to help

Elliott Advocacy (Elliott.org) is a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization dedicated to resolving problems between businesses and their customers.

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The 6 biggest lies consumers tell a business - Elliott

“The most outrageous discount request was of 65 percent off.” A customer insisted he or she saw the offer somewhere and that the business must honor it. But Caracaleanu and her team have concluded that’s often a lie. As a result, they’ve changed their policy and now require a valid coupon code in order to honor the price.

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New on Elliott: This ATM really sucks, join me on Google+

Discount code ELLIOTT20 gets you 20% off and free shipping on orders of $50 or more. Visit Skooba. International Airline Tickets — Find discount airfares to many destinations worldwide at AirlineConsolidator.com. Want to feel the love of nearly 100,000 weekly readers? Please ask about our corporate underwriter program. Send me an email.

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I paid $6,995 for a travel club membership - did I just

According to an investigator for the New Jersey state Attorney General, there’s even a course you can take in Las Vegas on how to pull off a vacation club scam. It covers everything the aspiring travel club startup needs to know, from crafting persuasive sales pitches to renting an office with a short-term lease, to dealing with pesky

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Is this enough compensation? A partial refund for my

That’s not too far off the $1049 she had to pay for her personal ticket – about $130 short. She’s pretty much gotten back her money on that one, she just doesn’t think so. I believe what’s at issue is her having to pay again to fly her dogs.

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Forced to miss flight because weather, AA program of

As prior posts have said, you can always appeal up the line. With a Weather delay, AA can distribute hotel discount coupons. These are coupons to save money on a very basic overnight stay, ( for example: a Red Roof Inn that is $119 per night, can be gotten with coupon for $89note this is just an example, not accurate ).

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