6 Ways To Prepare For The Next Pandemic (Coronavirus Outbreak)

Are you and your family prepared to stay home for weeks or months at a time if a severe pandemic swept the globe? Most people aren’t ready to weather such an emergency. Yet many experts agree that we should be preparing for such an event. Pandemics have been part of human history for thousands of […]

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6 Reasons Why I Stopped Extreme Couponing

In many cases, you can use not only store and manufacturer coupons, but “money-off” coupons as well (such as coupons that offer $5 off of a purchase of $20 or more). When I was a coupon shopper, the goal was always to get enough into an order to use a money-off coupon.

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6 Unique Tips On Where To Find Discount Store and Online

One of the most challenging aspects of extreme couponing is finding the coupons. We all know to get the Sunday paper, print coupons online, and to get the coupons off the packaging of previously purchased products. But where else can you look and what else can you do to get valuable coupons? Here are six ideas […]

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How to Save Up to $1,465 per Year Shopping Online With

For instance, a coupon for $0.50 off a $5 item saves you 10%, while a coupon for $5 off a $100 item saves you only 5%. Savings per Year. The amount you save in each category over a year depends on how much you spend in that category overall. Only 36.6% of shoppers find a coupon code that works, and even those who do find one save only $6.40

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What to Do With Your Expired Groupon Deals - 8 Proven

In other words, if a Getaways deal expires unbooked because the issuing merchant can’t accommodate you on your preferred stay dates, you’re off the hook. 6. Resell It Online. There’s a thriving market for unwanted gift cards, coupon codes, and social coupons – including traditional Groupon vouchers. Depending on the nature of your

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Extreme Couponing Tips - Using Discount Coupons for Free

If you use a $1.00 off coupon on a full-priced box of cereal priced at $4.99, you don’t save much money. This actually violates the two tenets of extreme couponing: Only buy items that are on sale, and combine that sale with one or more coupons. Wait until the cereal is on sale to use the coupon.

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Entertainment Book Review - Get Coupon Deals in Your City

The Entertainment Book is the 50% off discount coupon book which saves you money on just about any purchase. It’s pretty impressive and covers an eclectic mix of potential purchases detailed below. 2. Online Printable Coupons Every book purchase gives you access to where you can print coupons.

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